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Welcome to The Grande South at Santa Fe Place Homeowners Association
Professionally Managed by Action Property Management



The Grande South Homeowners Association
1199 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 236-1122  /  Fax: (619) 236-1436  

General Manager
Corinne Marrinan

Assistant Manager
Aileen Ryan 


Action Property Management, Inc
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Board of Directors' Meeting Notice 
August Board of Directors Meeting  

Please be notified that the Board of Directors will be holding a Board Meeting on Thursday, August 25, 2016.

Executive Session Meeting: 4:00P.M. in the Conference Room

Regular Session Meeting: 6:00P.M. in the Lounge

All owners are invited to attend the Regular Session Board Meeting. If you are an owner and would like to address the Board of Directors in Regular Session, please complete the Request To Speak form and return it to the on site management office. These forms are also available at the time of the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you!

posted: 8/16/2016
Manager's Messages 
Exterior Sealant Replacement  

Dear Homeowners and Residents,


Beginning June 2nd, Jon Wayne Construction will be on-site to replace the sealant around the windows on the exterior of the building.  This project will take several months. JWC will begin with the south facing elevation, then move on to the east elevation, then the west elevation, and finally the north elevation.  Residents in the 04, 05, and 06 stacks will  see work begin first.  The first phase of the project is anticipated to take 36 working days to complete.  JWC will begin at the top of the building on the south side and work their way down.


Access to balconies will be required to complete work.  Workers will access balconies from the outside of the building, and step over the ledge. 


We do ask that all belongings be removed entirely from your balcony, or at minimum moved 4 feet from your balcony windows and door so the workers have clear, unobstructed access to the areas in which they will be working.


If you are an offsite owner and do not have tenants living in your unit, you are out of town and won’t return before work in your area begins, or you are unable to move your balcony items yourself, please make arrangements with Management to have a team member enter your unit and carefully move your balcony items away from your balcony windows. Failure to move your balcony items away from the windows, or failure to notify Management in advance that you will require assistance in moving your balcony items, will result in a fee charged to the unit owner for the time taken by Jon Wayne Construction to move the items during the course of the work.


Additionally, while JWC will do everything they can to minimize sealant dropping onto balconies, there is a chance some of the old sealant debris, as it is removed, may fall below.  Removing valuables from your balconies and covering your balcony furniture will help minimize these items getting dirty by any sealant that does happen to fall.  JWC will clean debris from balconies as they approach that unit for work.


As the time for the exterior of your units to be completed nears, management will send you a more precise schedule of when we anticipate work being done around your unit.


Please contact management with any questions.

We appreciate your cooperation with this project.

posted: 5/27/2016
CC&Rs and Bylaws Amendment Vote