Things You Need to Know

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[ms_accordion_item title=’How do I make my assessment payment?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]Please contact Management and set up automatic electronic payments; otherwise, leave your check with Management or the Concierge, or mail it to:
The Grande South HOA
c/o Action Property Management
P.O. Box 25013
Santa Ana, CA 92799-5013[/ms_accordion_item]

[ms_accordion_item title=’When is my Assessment due? What happens if I don’t pay it?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]Assessment payments are due on the first of the month, and they become delinquent if not paid within 15 days after the due date. If there is no response to notification of delinquency, a lien will be filed which could result in foreclosure of the unit.[/ms_accordion_item]

[ms_accordion_item title=’When and where does the Board of Directors for The Grande South Homeowners Association meet?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]The Board of Directors meets monthly. The Calendar shows the Board meeting dates and times. All meetings are held in the lounge on the ground level or in the conference room on the 2nd floor.[/ms_accordion_item]

[ms_accordion_item title=’What do I do if I have lost my election ballot materials?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]The Concierge will provide you with new ballot materials on request.[/ms_accordion_item]
[ms_accordion_item title=’I want to see the financial reports, minutes, or other records of the Association. How do I do that?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]Many documents and records of the Association are in the private area on The Grande South Website. If you cannot find the item on the Website, ask the Manager to direct you to those items on the Website or to make arrangements for you to visit the Manager’s office to view the documents.[/ms_accordion_item]

[ms_accordion_item title=’I have a complaint, suggestion, or request. Who do I tell about my issues?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]For complaints regarding building staff, Rules and Regulations, or other policies or procedures, contact Management through email or by phone. If a complaint must be presented to the Board, it must be made in writing, either by mail, email, fax, or dropped off with the Concierge or management. You may also provide to Management, in writing, requests to the Board for action, issues for Committee investigation, or information regarding potential security risks or violations. For repair requests to items in the common areas, there is a form for you to use to file a request located on the homeowner portal, or you may report the issue to Management.[/ms_accordion_item]
[ms_accordion_item title=’I have talked to Management, and they are not resolving my issue. What do I do next?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]Submit a request in writing, either via email, fax, or written request delivered by hand or via mail, to Management to speak with the Board at their next Executive Session meeting.  Management will make arrangements and notify you of the date, time, and location of the meeting.[/ms_accordion_item]
[ms_accordion_item title=’May an owner go directly to the Board without going through Management?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]The proper procedure to speak with the Board is to request a time to meet with them during an Executive Session meeting, request a special meeting, or attend an Open Session Board meeting and fill out a Request to Speak form. Board members do not normally provide their contact information to individual owners or residents, as requests made of any Board member must be addressed by the Board as a whole. If an owner or resident wishes to speak directly with one Board member, they should ask Management to request that Board member contact the resident directly.[/ms_accordion_item]
[ms_accordion_item title=’I want to talk to the Board about my issue. How do I discuss my issue with the Board?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]Submit a request in writing, either via email, fax, or written request delivered by hand or via mail, to Management.  Note that the Board can only discuss those matters that affect the Association and the running of the Association, and can only meet with you privately during an Executive Session. Alternatively, you can raise your issue during the homeowners open forum of the monthly Board meeting.[/ms_accordion_item]
[ms_accordion_item title=’What are the hours for amenities such as the pool area, fitness area, and lounge?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]Pool and spa: Sun-Thu, 6am-10pm; Fri-Sat, 6am-midnight.
Fitness area: 5am-11pm daily.
Lounge: Sun-Thu, 8am-10pm; Fri-Sat, 8am-midnight.
[ms_accordion_item title=’How do I reserve the guest unit?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]To reserve the guest unit, (1) complete the Guest Suite Rules and Reservation Form, (2) turn in the completed form and necessary payment at the front desk, and (3) schedule the date(s) of the stay with the Concierge. Note that the reservation cannot be confirmed until all three steps are fulfilled. The reservation form is also available on the Website under Documents, or it may be obtained from the Concierge. Click here for additional information regarding guest unit rules and reservations. To check guest unit availability, you may contact the Concierge at (619) 236-1122.[/ms_accordion_item]
[ms_accordion_item title=’How do I reserve the lounge for a party?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]To reserve the lounge, (1) complete the Lounge Rules and Reservation Form, (2) turn in the completed form, necessary payment, and necessary deposit at the front desk, and (3) schedule the date of the reservation with the Concierge. Note that the reservation cannot be confirmed until all three steps are fulfilled. The reservation form is also available on the Website under Documents, or it may be obtained from the Concierge. Click here for additional information regarding lounge rules and reservations. To check lounge availability, you may contact the Concierge at (619) 236-1122.[/ms_accordion_item]
[ms_accordion_item title=’May I reserve the pool for a pool party?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]No, the pool area may not be reserved. Additionally, each unit may have only 6 guests at the pool, except on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, when each unit may have only 2 guests.[/ms_accordion_item]
[ms_accordion_item title=’What do I do if my dog urinates or defecates in the building or on the grounds?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]Immediately notify the Concierge, who will arrange for housekeeping to clean up and disinfect.[/ms_accordion_item]
[ms_accordion_item title=’What can I put in my garbage disposal?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]Your neighbors on the lower floors suffer when the wrong things are put into the drainpipes, whether through the garbage disposal or down the drain. Drain cleaning vendors have found pieces from a steel wool pad, dental floss, vegetable peelings, and grease in The Grande South drain lines. Whatever is placed in the garbage disposal or your drain may cause your drain line or your neighbors’ to back up.

If you notice your drains are draining slowly, this may be early warning of a clogged drain. Contact a plumber immediately to diagnose the issue and clear any clog in your plumbing line. The Concierge can assist with contact information for several plumbers who have knowledge of the building plumbing. If the clog persists into the main drain, which services the whole tower, notify Management immediately so they may have the association’s plumbing vendor inspect and repair. If you have household help, make sure they also understand the following “Do’s and Don’ts”.

Do’s: First, turn on a moderate to strong flow of cold water and then turn on the disposal. Place food to be disposed of in the disposal. Continue running cold water for 15 seconds after grinding is complete to flush the drain line.

Don’ts: Don’t allow grease or fat to go into your disposal or your drain (This not only wreaks havoc on your drain and the building drain, but also on the city main drain systems. Pour grease and fat into a container and place it in your refrigerator until it becomes solid, then place it in the trash.); Don’t use hot water; Don’t fill the disposal with vegetable peels (Vegetable peels, e.g. potato peelings, when ground are likely to stop in the drain line.); Don’t grind extremely fibrous materials such as corn husks, artichokes, etc.; Don’t turn off the disposal until grinding is completed and only the sound of the motor and water is heard; Don’t put rice or pasta down as it will turn into a hard blockage in the drain line; Don’t put coffee grounds or egg shells, as they may cause the disposal to jam; Don’t put steel wool pads in the garbage disposal or dental floss down the drain; Don’t put drain cleaner down the garbage disposal, as it will damage the disposal and it could injure someone clearing a stoppage.
[ms_accordion_item title=’What may I put down the trash chute?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]All trash must be securely fastened in sturdy plastic bags. Do not put anything into the trash chute that does not easily fit. Do not put cardboard boxes, including pizza boxes, into the trash chute.[/ms_accordion_item]
[ms_accordion_item title=’Are there receptacles for recycled items or trash that is too large to fit in the trash chutes?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]Yes, on parking level 1 is a blue dumpster for large trash, a smaller receptacle for electronic waste, and two white dumpsters for recycled items.[/ms_accordion_item]
[ms_accordion_item title=’May I put items next to or on top of my storage unit?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]No, you are only allowed to put items inside your storage unit. All items found outside of a storage unit are subject to removal and will be discarded.[/ms_accordion_item]
[ms_accordion_item title=’How do I get an extra or replacement fob or parking ID tag?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]Contact Management. Fobs cost $75 each if a new one is needed, or $25 to exchange a fob that has stopped working for a new one. Parking RFID tags cost $20 each.[/ms_accordion_item]
[ms_accordion_item title=’Is there laundry service in the building?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]No.[/ms_accordion_item]
[ms_accordion_item title=’What if I list my unit for sale and have a lockbox?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]Your real estate agent can contact the Concierge to arrange for placing a lockbox in the lockbox area.[/ms_accordion_item]
[ms_accordion_item title=’When may I have a realtor caravan or open house?’ icon=’fa-flag’ status=’closed’]Open houses are not allowed. A realtor caravan must be prearranged with the Concierge; you must have a person in the lobby to greet realtors and another person in the unit at all times during the caravan time period.[/ms_accordion_item]