2017 October Board Meeting Highlights, Current Projects, Waterfront Park Events, Sail-ebrate the Holidays, Tip of the Month – VIVO Homeowner Portal
2017 September Carpet & Marble Installation, Board Meeting Highlights, Waterfront Park Events, Sand Sculpting Event, Social Committee Event, Tip of the Month – Water Detection and Cable and Telephone Service
2017 August Board Meeting Highlights, Fire Drill, Waterfront Park Events, Barrier Arms, Window Washing, Tip of the Month – Electronic Statements
2017 July Board Meeting Highlights, Martini Night, Waterfront Park Events, Balcony Etiquette, Window Washing, Wifi at the Pool, Tip of the Month – Auto Pay Changes
2017 June Board Meeting Highlights, Carpet Selection, Waterfront Park Events, Taste of Gaslamp, New BBQs, Tip of the Month – Water Shut-off Locations
2017 May Board Meeting Highlights, Telletopia, Waterfront Park Events, Request for Annual Events, Water Report, Tip of the Month – Garage Safety
2017 April Assessment Increase, Board Meeting Highlights, Telletopia, Gym Etiquette, Opt-In, Don’t Hold the Elevator, Homeowner Insurance, Tip of the Month – VIVO Update
2017 March Assessment Increase, Board Meeting Highlights, Social Committee Event, E-Waste Recycling Event, Short Term Rentals, Insurance, Tip of the Month – Opt-In
2017 February Assessment Increase, Board Meeting Highlights, Electric Vehicle Charging, Proof of Homeowner Insurance, Culinary Historians Event, Weather Stripping, Tip of the Month – VIVO Portal
2017 January Assessment Increase, Board Meeting Highlights, Culinary Historians Event, Committee Meeting Attendance, Vehicle Fluid Leaks, Parking on Pacific Highway, Tip of the Month – Work Orders, Thank You
2016 December  Annual Election Results, Barrier Arm, Holiday Decorations Etiquette, Staff Appreciation Fund, 2017 Assessment Increases, Recycling Information, Tip of the Month – Water Shutoff Locations Per Unit Type
2016 November Annual Meeting, Board Meeting Highlights, Staff Appreciation Fund, Holiday Party, Annual Building Tour, Propane Tank Recycling, Mailroom Etiquette, Tip of the Month – Washing Machine Maintenance
2016 October  Board Meeting Highlights, Vendor Survey Results, Self Care Tips, Clean and Safe, Tip of the Month – Garbage Disposals
2016 September Board Meeting Highlights, Committee Reports, Street Closures for Lane Field Construction, Safety, Grocery Carts, Propane Tanks, Paint Cans, Tip of the Month – Pet Etiquette
2016 August Carpet Replacement, Landscape Improvements, Water Report, The Color Run, Unscheduled Moves and Deliveries, Common Area Carpet Replacement, Tip of the Month
2016 July The Importance of Hose Replacement, Water Report, The Color Run, Disposal Etiquette, Common Area Carpet Replacement, Tip of the Month
2016 June Upcoming Projects, Rock N Roll Marathon reminder, Waterfront Park Events, Governing Documents Amendment Vote, Save Energy and Money by Making the Switch to LEDs, Tip of the Month
2016 May Board Meeting Highlights, Water Report, Volunteers Needed, CC&R and Bylaws Amendment Vote, Earth Day, Tip of the Month
2016 April Board Meeting Highlights, Water Report, Volunteers Needed! , CC&R and Bylaws Amendment Vote, Earth Day, Tip of the Month
2016 March CC&R and Bylaws Amendment Vote, Starline Update, Electronic Billing, Hold the Door, Tip of the Month
2016 February CC&R and Bylaws Amendment Vote, Board Member and Board Liaison Positions, Social Committee Super Bowl Party, Homeowner Portal, Tip of the Month
2016 January Amendments to the CC&Rs and Bylaws, Board Meeting Date Change, Assessment Increase Reminder, Homeowner Contact List, Holiday Thank You, Tip of the Month
2015 December Staff Appreciation Fund, Annual Meeting, Water Savings Continue, Dog Owner Meeting, Assessment Increase, Holiday Decorations and Christmas Trees, Tip of the Month
2015 November Annual Meeting, RFID Stickers, CC&Rs and Bylaws Amendments, Proper Method of Cleaning Your Balcony, Don’t Forget to Recycle, Trash Chute Reminder, Free Rides!, Homeowner Contact List, Staff Appreciation Holiday Fund, USO Toy Drive, Tip of the Month
2015 October  Important Dates to Remember, Town Hall Budget Meeting, Water Usage, Board of Directors Election, Waterfront Park Event, Tip of the Month
2015 September  Rules and Regulations, RFID and Barrier Arm Implementation, Rentals, Call for Candidates, Window Display, Guest Parking, Tip of the Month
2015 August Association Sponsored In-Unit Service • Water Update • RFID and Barrier Arm Implementation • Landscape Renovation • Rules and Regulations • Staff Changes • Tip of the Month – Trash Chute
2015 July Board Meeting Highlights – Annual HVAC Service, Rules and Regulations, 4th of July Pool Rules • Live Music Calendar • Eddie V’s • Pet Responsibilities • Tip of the Month – Cleaning Your Dishwasher
2015 June What Can I Put Down My Garbage Disposal? • Water Report • Downtown Increased Homeless Population • Train Station Platform • Waterfront Park Events • Gym Etiquette • Tip of the Month – Replacing All Rubber Hoses
2015 May E-Waste Disposal • Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon • Water Conservation • The Cooling Towers • Conference Room Rules • Tip of the Month – Stainless Steel Braided Hoses
2015 April Board Meeting Highlights – March Concert, Gym Bluetooth, Concierge, Bike Racks • Earth Day • What’s That Smell? • Committee Volunteers • Tip of the Month – Theft From Unlocked Vehicle
2015 March P-1 Resurfacing Project • Lobby Renovation • Starline Windows Update • BNSF Trains • Communications Committee • Tip of the Month – Certificate of Liability Insurance
2015 February P-1 Garage Resurfacing • Landscape Committee • City Council Meeting • Concierge Services • Tip of the Month – Gas Fireplace
2015 January Assessment Amount Changes • P-1 Garage Resurfacing • Duty Phone • Holiday Thank You • Tip of the Month – Clean and Safe
2014 December Annual Meeting Review • Staff Appreciation Holiday Fund • Assessment Increases • Holiday Decorations and Christmas Trees • Summary of Amtrak Meeting • Package Pick-Up • Request for Social Committee Party Helpers • Tip of the Month – Water Shut-off Valve Locations
2014 November Annual Meeting Reminder • CC&R Compliance Reminder • Staff Holiday Appreciation Fund • Webpass • Tip of the Month – Turn Off Water • Holiday Party • Balcony Cleaning • Holiday Schedule Reminders
2014 October Important Dates to Remember • Town Hall Meeting • Candidate Night • Approved Vendors • Tip of the Month – Windproof Your Balcony
2014 September Call for Candidates • Violations • Webpass • Ten Year Anniversary • Tip of the Month – Replace Smoke Alarms
2014 August HVAC Maintenance • Plumbing rates • Meet the Staff • Propane Restrictions • High Rise Etiquette • Tip of the Month – Proposed Rule Change for Pool Access on Labor Day
2014 July Water Treatment System • VIVO Homeowner Portal • HVAC Maintenance • Staff Changes • Things You Always Wanted to Know and Never Wanted to Ask • Resident Information Files • Tip of the Month – Water Mixing Valve and Balancing Cartridge
2014 June New VIVO component • Questions, Comments, Concerns? • Food and Beverages at the Pool • Summer Events • Tip of the Month – Join a Committee
2014 May Board Meeting Highlights – Polishing Elevator Cabs, Dryer Duct Cleaning, Security Camera Upgrade • 2014 Pool Rules Reminder • Garage Parking • Bell Carts • High-Rise Etiquette • Balcony Debris • Tip of the Month – Reminders to Change Washing Machine Hoses, Test Toilets for Leaks
2014 April 2014 Pool Rules • Leftover Paint Reminder • Window Washing • Yoga • Tip of the Month – LED Lights
2014 March Water Detection • Did You Know? • Newspaper Deliveries • Saint Patrick’s Day Festivities • Wi-Fi: Are You Protected? • Grande South Shop • Go Green! • Tip of the Month – Water Conservation
2014 February Bosch Dishwasher Recall • Pool and Spa Closure • Gaslamp Metered Parking Changes • In-Unit Sprinkler Systems • We’re in a Drought, What Can We Do To Conserve Water? • Tip of the Month – Garage Safety
2014 January Assessment Amount Changes • 2014 Rules and Regulations • Bike Audit • Automated External Defibrillator • Elevator Lobby Upgrades • Tip of the Month – Electronic Statements
2013 December Annual Meeting Review • Fixed Rates with Comfort Systems • Holiday Decorations and Christmas Trees • Holiday Schedule Reminder • Package Pick-Up • Bike Audit • Staff Holiday Appreciation • A Word of Caution • Warranty Information: Cabinet Hardware • Tip of the Month – Water Shut-Off Valve Locations
2013 November Staff Holiday Appreciation Fund • Yoga • Board Meeting Highlights • Building Maintenance • New Resident Welcome Packet • Holiday Schedule Reminders • Are You Covered? • Tip of the Month – Toilet Wax Ring and Feed Lines
2013 October Important Dates to Remember • Annual Meeting Announcement • Treadmills • Staff Changes • Screaming Water Detection Sensors • Violations • Tip of the Month – Keeping Drains Clear
2013 September Call for candidates • Violations • Get Fit With Yoga! • Making the Most of Community Association Living • Tip of the Month – Flatten Discarded Boxes
2013 August Treadmills • Wanted: Parking & Storage! • Exclusive Use Common Areas • Trash Chute • Did You Know? • Balconies • Tip of the Month – Empty Dryer
2013 July Board Meeting Highlights – Repair of Pool Deck, Resurfacing Elevator Entryways, Extra Landscaper • Leftover Paint • Where is my Water Detection Sensor? • System Upgrades • Violations • Webpass • Tip of the Month – Refrigerator Water Filter
2013 June The Weather Report • Unauthorized Guests • Packages and Keys • Staff Changes • Dogs • Tip of the Month – Lint Trap, Washer Hoses
2013 May Board Meeting Highlights – Lounge Renovation Ad-Hoc Committee, Landscape Lighting, 2014 Reserve Study, Webpass • Guest Parking • Reconstruction/Flood Clean-Up • Balcony Debris • CC&R Insurance Requirement • Tip of the Month – Water Shut-Off Valve Locations
2013 April Leash Your Dog • Carpet Cleaning • Window Washing • Elevator Polishing • Reconstruction/Flood • Parking Spaces • Association Sponsored In-Unit Service
2013 March Starline Window Warranty • Moves/ Deliveries • Staff Changes • New Policies • Pet Policies • Trash Chute Reminders
2013 February Board Meeting Highlights – In-Unit Inspections • Ice is Available! • Bell Carts • Staff Changes • Ice Maker Valve Closure • VIVO Homeowner Portal
2013 January Assessment Amount Changes • Free Gym Class • Commi1ee Members Needed • The Grande South Staff • Warranty Claim Recon Update
2012 December Annual Meeting Review • Building Water Shut-Offs • Holiday Decorations and Christmas Trees • Holiday Schedule Reminder • Package Pick-Up • Staff Holiday Appreciation Fund
2012 November Board of Directors Ballot Deadline • Board Meeting Highlights – Budget Approved, Rules and Regulations Approved • Building Maintenance • Staff Holiday Appreciation Fund • Guest Parking • Holiday Schedule Reminder • Committee Members Needed! • Emergency Key Use
2012 October Important Dates • Board Meeting Highlights – Cooling Towers, Reconstruction Contract• Elevator Refinishing • Shredder Bins • Fitness Center • Annual Meeting • Lane Field Project • In-Unit Work
2012 September Call for Candidates • Building Maintenance – Elevator Refinishing • In-Unit Air Conditioning Systems • Emergency Key Use • VIVO Homeowner Portal • Unauthorized Parking Space Storage
2012 August Board Meeting Highlights – In-Unit Service Work, Light Tower Art Display– Update • Building Maintenance Fitness Center Closure & Silent Auction • Dry Cleaning Pick-up & Delivery • Package Overload • Dog Walking • Unscheduled Deliveries
2012 July Board Meeting Highlights – Fitness Center Proposal Approval, Water D-tection System Maintenance • Water Cartridge Replacement • Pet Leash Requirement • Sprinkler Head Warning • Summary Pool & Spa Rules
2012 June Upcoming Board Meeting Topics • Board Meeting Highlights – Harbor Drive Expansion Project • Building Maintenance – Guest Suite Improvements, The Board of Directors Needs Your Help! • Guest Suite Checkout Time • Hallway Odor Reminder • DirecTV Now Available • Front Desk Staff Update • CC&R Insurance Requirement
2012 May Board Meeting Highlights – Window Warranty Claim Follow-Up, Visitor Building Access • Building Maintenance – Curb Staining, Water Shut Down • Water Pressure • Light Tower Public Art Display • Trash Chute Reminder
2012 April Board Meeting Highlights – North Embarcadero and Lane Field Projects, Lobby Music Installation• Building Maintenance • Window Warranty Mailer Reminder • Guest Parking • “I want my NFL Package” • Staff Appreciation Welcome • Confidential Paper Shredding
2012 March Board Meeting Highlights – Bicycles Exiting Through Lobby, Window Washing Contract • Final Notice: Unclaimed Bicycles!!! • Owner Building Walk-Through • New Homeowner Portal • In-Unit Construction Work • Fitness Center Noise
2012 February Board Meeting Highlights – Approval of Plumbing Maintenance, Insurance Policy Renewal, Pool Area Landscape Lighting • Building Maintenance • Missing Luggage Cart!!! • Did you know… • Window Warranty Notice • Unauthorized Parking Space Storage • More Garage Reminders
2012 January Assessment Amount Changes • Board Member Election Announcement • In-Unit Sprinkler Repairs • Holiday Decorations • Bicycle Storage Room Notice • Tree Disposal • Bell Cart Return
2011 December Give From Your Heart Holiday Gift Drive • Board Meeting Highlights – Annual Meeting Review, Special Board Meeting • Building Maintenance • Holiday Decorations & Christmas Trees • Package Pick-Up • Holiday Schedule Reminders • Staff Holiday Appreciation Fund
2011 November SB 150: CC&R Amendment Ballot Deadline • Board Meeting Highlights – Budget Approved, Bike Storage – Is Your Bike Registered? • Building Maintenance • Staff Holiday Appreciation Fund • Holiday Schedule Reminders • Luggage Cart Return • Complete a Fitness Center Survey! • Common Area Wireless Internet • Garage Reminders: Slow Down & Turn on Headlights
2011 October Important Upcoming Dates • Annual Meeting Announcement • Building Maintenance • Balcony Debris • Parking Violations/ Towing • Emergency Key Use
2011 September Board Meeting Highlights – E-key Tracking System, DirecTV, Open Forum – Additional Luggage Carts• Building Maintenance Projects • Fitness Center Committee • Resident Parking by Mail Room • Call for Candidates
2011 August Board Meeting Highlights – Process Serving Policy, Hallway Baseboards, Open Forum – Enforcement of Rules • Building Maintenance Projects • Lost & Found • Dogs • USPS Request • Summary Pool & Spa Rules
2011 July Board Meeting Highlights – Social Committee Events, Use of Garage Common Area Electricity, Water Softening System • Building Maintenance Projects • 4th of July – Pool Safety • Moving In & Out • Assessments • Dryer Vents • Security Service Contract
2011 June Board Meeting Highlights – Security Services Proposals, Use of Garage Common Area Electricity • Building Maintenance Projects • Cheeseburger in Paradise Poolside Party • Concierge & Security Patrol Services • Preferred Vendor Contact Information • Pool Area Reminder
2011 May Board Meeting Business – HVAC & Refrigerator Coil Service Contract, Train Station Trellis Maintenance, Center Island Fountain Cleaning & Sealing, Late Fee Zero Tolerance Policy • Fire Sprinkler Inspection • In-Unit HVAC & Refrigerator Servicing • Dryer Vent Maintenance/ Cleaning • BBQ Repair • How to Submit a Work Order to Management
2011 April Board Meeting Business – CC&R and Bylaw Amendment, Use of Lobby for Pet Ingress/ Egress, Community Entrance Lights, Cleaning Dryer Vents and Exterior Windows • Trash Chute Reminder • Fire Sprinkler Inspection • Quiet Zone Implementation • Embarcadero Port Master Plan • New Website
2011 March Board Meeting Business – Radio Repeater Installation, Cleaning Dryer Vents & Exterior Windows, Open Forum Discussion – Lounge Rental • Clean Windows…and Clean Dryer Vents • Key FOB Audit • Ongoing Building Maintenance • Water Detection Devices • Assessment Payments • On a Personal Note… Message from General Manager
2010 December Board Elections • Holiday Decorations • Package Deliveries • Banking and Assessment Information • Annual Meeting • Holiday Staffing • Committee Liaisons • Management Transition
2010 November Board Elections • New Key Procedure • Board Meeting Highlights • Pet Owners • Kitchen Disposal Reminder • Window Washing • Refrigerators & Water Detection • Holiday Staff Announcements
2010 October Board Elections • New Key Procedure • Staffing • Palm Court Parking • Charges for Repairs • AED & CPR Training • Board Meeting Highlights • You are a V.I.P. • Volunteers Needed for SB800 Committee
2010 September Board Elections • Annual Building Evacuation • AED and CPR Classes • Board Meeting Highlights • Heat Pump Maintenance • You are a V.I.P. • Tub and Shower Mixing Valves • Staff Update
2010 August Board Elections • Vendor Hours • Board Meeting Highlights • No Water or Objects Off Balconies • Volunteers Needed for SB800 Committee • Twilight in the Park • Dog Walking • Cinema Under the Stars • America’s Finest City Half Marathon • Quiet Zone Update • Holiday Party • Martini Madness
2010 July Independence Day • Parking • Vendor Work Hours • Board Meeting Highlights • Volunteers Needed for SB800 Committee • Pool Season • Falling Objects • Utility Report • Cabinet Hardware • Window Washing • Tour De Grande • Green Ride • Dog Walking
2010 June Earthquake Update • Board Meeting Highlights • SB800 Information • Volunteers Needed for SB800 Committee • Pool Season • Falling Objects • Utility Report • Plumbing Fixture Repairs • Parking in the Traffic Circle • Dog Walking • The Brass Elevators • Guest Suite Calendar
2010 May Earthquake Update • Board Meeting Highlights • Pool Season • How Green Are We? • Utility Report • UFO: Unidentified Fan Object • Parking in Vacant Spaces
2010 April Water Softening • Board Meeting Highlights • Pool Season • Vehicle Safety • Fire Sprinkler Heads • Update on SB800 Repairs • Telephone Service • Insurance, Leases and Rental Requirements • Fitness Area Attire • Water Run-off on Balconies • Utility Report
2010 March Water Detection Devices • Board Meeting Highlights • Why was Water Off in February • Insurance, Leases and Rental Requirements • Benefits of Owning at The Grande South • Toilet Leak Tests • Window Cleaning
2010 February Board Meeting Business • Stormy Weather • Insurance • Home Damage or Repair Responsibility • Courtesy Keys • Staffing Changes • New Rules • Updated Resident Information Sheets
2010 January Holiday Staff Bonuses • Holiday Decorations • President’s Message • Board Meeting Highlights • Hiring Association Vendors • Insurance and Leases • Proper Attire Required • Boxes in the Trash Chutes • Staffing Changes