• The Architectural Committee is vested with the power to review, and to approve or disapprove, all proposed Improvement to Residential Units of The Grande South.


  • The Building Committee shall assist the Board of Directors in planning, supervising the administration of, and evaluating a comprehensive maintenance program of the physical plant and structural components of the Association as necessary and, from time to time, make improvement recommendations to the Board regarding long-term maintenance planning for the Homeowners Association.


  • The function of the Communications Committee  is to review and recommend to the Board of Directors updates to the Association’s website, internet presence, newsletters, announcements, flyers, bulletins, and invitations.


  • The function of the Finance Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in financial matters, as delegated by the Board of Directors. These matters include but are not limited to the annual financial budget, monthly operating financial monitoring, reserve studies and funding levels, investments, and budget projections. Management, with input from the Committee, develops and recommends to the Board of Directors an annual balanced budget, to maintain The Grande South at Santa Fe Place Homeowners Association facilities in first tier condition. Management and the Committee will review budget to actual performance on a monthly basis.


  • The Landscape Committee shall research, propose, approve and implement ways to continuously beautify the exterior landscaping of The Grande South, with the assistance of the onsite management team and the chosen landscaping company. The plant material shall reflect environmental needs and shall remain consistent in nature with the existing plant material unless otherwise decided upon by the Committee.


  • The Neighborhood Committee shall assist the Board of Directors in monitoring public and/or private initiatives and evaluate the impact of those initiatives on the Grande South at Santa Fe Place HOA and, from time to time, make recommendations to the Board of Directors on involvement in or responses to those initiatives.


  • The function of the Rules Committee is to review and recommend to the Board of Directors updates, if needed, to the HOA’s Rules and Regulations, as a supplement and support to the CC&Rs.


  • The Social Committee shall organize and facilitate special seasonal events to be enjoyed by the general membership of the Association and to coordinate other recreational activities.

Spirit of Cooperation

  • The purpose of the Spirit of Cooperation Committee is to hold meetings with management and board members of The Grande North to discuss projects affecting both buildings and to share ideas and best practices with each other.